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Natassja Leyba
Mkt #88 Colorado Springs-Pue..
3 Years Experience
Scott Theisen
Mkt #79 Huntsville-Decatur (..
Sports Director
16 Years Experience
Erica Bivens
Mkt #174 Lake Charles
Weekend Evening Anchor
8 Years Experience

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TV Photographer Jobs
Multi-Skilled Journalist
Mkt: #17 Denver
Added: January 22, 2017
TV Anchor Reporter Jobs
Multimedia Journalist
Mkt: #77 Columbia, SC
Added: January 22, 2017
TV Anchor Reporter Jobs
MMJ / Reporter
Mkt: #110 Ft. Wayne
Added: January 22, 2017

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Just a few happy customers:
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I landed a job in Portland so you can take my reel off medialine. I didn't send one tape out! Medialine is so easy and convenient! Love it. Thanks for all the help.
Can you please remove me from the talent showcase?  In the short time I've been up there, I've had 3 different offers from stations all over the country!!   Thanks for being so helpful, and so flexible... I look forward to working with you again in the future!
I will always lean on divine order, first; but I'd be a fool to not recognize the role Medialine played in securing my new position. To move from an 80s market reporting position to an anchor seat in a Top 50 is such a blessing. Did I mention I'm headed to an awesome station??!?
I was wondering if you could remove my listing. The database worked very well and I now have a job I have agreed to. I continue to get calls on my tape and thats why I request it be removed before the 3 months runs up.
I am thrilled to confirm, posting my tape and resume on your site has helped me land my first tv job! I am fortunate to be starting my career in market 63. I am now a news reporter at WKYT in Lexington, KY. More over, the emails from interested news directors keep pouring in! Thanks!
Hey Mark! You can delete me from your site at any time....thanks to you, I found a job!!! Thanks!

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